Your Micro-course

Do you remember how it felt to get your first promotion? The rush of completing a successful team project? Learning deserves to be memorable. Learners should feel like they have achieved something that matters and grown as a result.

Learners on a Mission

Let your learners dive into action-oriented, contextually relevant 3-5 minute activities, where their growth is visualized and rewarded.


Challenging, relevant in-app scenarios enable engaging, low-stakes practice & learning.

Real-World Missions

Learners can practice in real life and upload the results for further analysis and guidance.

Goals, Scoring & Rewards

Goals are set for learners, with scoring and rewards for participation tracked and displayed at the individual and group level.

Playing Together

Foster communities of practice by placing your learners into leagues and teams in which they can strive towards larger objectives.


Team play encourages group accountability and support so that no learner gets left behind.


Competitive or collaborative learning leagues make it fun for teams to work towards weekly, monthly and seasonal objectives.

Mentored by You

Create meaningful, long-term connections with your learners by serving as the mentor that provides targeted support and guidance, even while you sleep.

Automated Mentorship

Your face and voice appears in automated feedback for in-app scenarios.

Assisted Mentorship

Our educational assistants follow your rubric or instructions to assess and provide feedback for real-world missions.

Analytics Powered Mentorship

Learner activity generates data-driven performance reports that you can use to hone and amplify 1:1 management or coaching activities.

Need Inspiration?

Outside trainers, corporate universities, educators and authors have used the Talented learning experience platform to produce experiential micro-courses in the fields of leadership, management, sales, education, compliance and operations.

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