The Client

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Residential Services, Inc (RSI) is a non-profit that helps adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve happiness, dignity, health, and the highest possible degree of social responsibility and productivity.

The Goal

Team members at RSI ensure that their clients make consistent progress toward important milestones of independence by collaboratively setting life goals.

Thus, keeping team goal setting skills up to date is key to driving client success.

The Solution

The senior leadership team at RSI played We’ll Manage: Goal Setting. Each team member undertook a series of fictional challenges set in a zany office sitcom environment, as well as a series of real world challenges that encouraged them to incorporate their learning into their lives.

To align with RSI’s culture of collaboration, staffers played the micro-course together in pairs, in short spurts of time, resulting in one total hour of goal-setting play during the month.


“I was knocked over by how much we grew as a team by playing for only one hour over one month,” said Scott Keller, Executive Director at RSI.

  • 92% of team members reported learning something new or achieving a higher level of success.
  • 92% of team members reported high to very high engagement.

Armed with newly strategic goal-setting skills, the RSI team is now better equipped to help those they serve achieve improved health, happiness and independence—true markers of success.