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Talented was built around the lives of learners. That’s why every Talented Micro-course has a core set of features that make learning fun, convenient and effective.

Every Micro-course features

Interactive, Assessment-based Storylines

Don’t just watch story unfold; be the hero. Make choices and solve challenging problems, in rich story worlds filled with memorable casts of characters, to both demonstrate your knowledge of training topics as well as progress the story.

Convenient, Anytime Micro-learning

Take your micro-courses on the web or on the go with the Talented App. All you need is a computer with an internet connection, or an iOS or Android device and 3-5 minutes of spare time three times a week.

Real World Challenges & Rewards

Put your knowledge and skills to the test through Real World Challenges, and earn real rewards like gift cards, parties or lunch with the boss.

Feedback & Micro-mentorship

Receive pre-written expert feedback for every single in-game choice you make. And if you want even more advice, reach out to the expert using in-app messaging. With your trainer monitoring your progress as your trusted sidekick, you will succeed.

Specifications for every Talented Micro-course title

Instruction Type: Gamified interactive fiction
Learning Time (per micro-course title): One hour total
Duration: One month
Delivery schedule: One Chapter or Real World Challenge delivered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, except holidays, for four weeks.
Device Requirements: Internet-connected computer, iOS or Android device

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