Do you remember how it felt to get your first promotion? The rush of completing a successful team project? The buzz of solving a problem that no one in your organization had solved before?

Learning deserves to be memorable. Learners should feel like they have achieved something that matters and grown as a result.

At Talented, we’ve reimagined corporate training by focusing on what really matters: the joy of accomplishment.

The Talented Platform

Web & Mobile App Learner Interface

Power User Dashboard

Configurable Gamification

Micro-course Library

Web and Mobile App Learner InterfaceLearning content and mentorship messages are delivered to learners via the Talented App, available on the web and iOS and Android devices.

Gamified Micro-courses

Gamified micro-courses embed multiple-choice assessment questions in rich, text-based storyworlds to give the learner a fun, safe place in which to practice skills.

Real World Challenge Tracking

Real World Challenges are woven into micro-courses, giving the learner an opportunity to prove their knowledge and skills by completing assessed activities outside of the app and using the app to deliver proof to their mentors.

In-app Feedback

Customizable in-app feedback pops up in response to correct and incorrect answers. Power users can proactively coach or respond to learner questions using in-app messaging.

Power User DashboardMentors use the Talented Power User Dashboard daily to track learner progress, report organizational success and to use the messaging tools to communicate with individual learners.


Mentors have access to real-time information about the progress of their learners. Mentors can pinpoint learners who are struggling or seem disengaged, and identify learners who are top performers.


Mentors use the messaging tool to engage with learners and the learning process on a deeper level. Mentors can send and receive unlimited messages that are delivered right to the learner in their Talented Learner App.

Configurable GamificationTalented power users can increase engagement, commitment and results by activating gamified features and functionality within the Talented platform.

Team Play(Optional)

Learners can take the course as a part of a team working towards a larger goal, further cementing their engagement.


Micro-course performance can be publicly shared to help incentivize learning activity and micro-course completion.

Rewards & Consequences(Optional)

Micro-courses infused with real-world rewards and consequences respect learners’ time and afford buy-in and attention.

Micro-course LibraryTalented offers a suite of gamified micro-courses that cover the most frequently administered trainings. Every micro-course can stand alone or be bundled with other micro-courses to create individual or team-wide development curricula.


The comedic We’ll Manage series of micro-courses includes the following training titles:

  • Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • High Performance Teams
  • Goal Setting
  • Hiring & Interviewing
  • Project Management
  • Project Planning
  • Project Retrospectives
Workplace Physical Security

The suspense-filled Hacked series of micro-courses includes the following training titles:

  • Personal Digital Security
  • Workplace Digital Security
  • Workplace Physical Security
Clarity Leading Effective Meetings

The dramatic Clarity
series of micro-courses includes the following training titles:

  • Business Writing
  • Customer Service
  • Workplace Etiquette
  • Effective Business Meetings
Watch Out! Basics Of Accident Prevention & OSHA Compliance

The investigation themed Watch Out! series of micro-courses includes the following training titles:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Workplace Violence Prevention


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Examples: New Employee Onboarding,  Product Training, Change Management, Custom Compliance, Field Sales.

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