Micro-course Design PrinciplesThe Kirkpatrick model

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The pedagogically sound construction of our micro-courses is informed by the Kirkpatrick Skill Transfer model.

Stage 1: ReactionThe Talented platform ignites engagement by providing employees what they crave: fun, convenience and connectedness.

Story-based Play

Interactive fiction with rich storylines and storyworlds invites participation and personal investment.

Learner-centric Convenience

Micro-learning delivered as web or mobile-learning means that employees can play anytime, anywhere.


Team play and support from a trusted trainer builds cohort-like communities of learning.

Stage 2: LearningTalented Micro-courses are designed using the most proven recipe for effective learning: effortful recall over time.


Learning over time is 4x more effective than cram learning.


Learning is deeper and more durable when it is effortful and interleaved.

Recall, not Review

When learners dig in to recall information, rather than reviewing and quickly regurgitating it, they build more durable memories.

Stage 3: Behavior The Talented platform creates accountability measures for employees to live what they've learned.

Performance Transparency

Taking a Talented Micro-course is like being on a sports team; you want to perform well for yourself, your coach and your team.

Real World Challenges

Real World Challenges interrupt the interactive fiction to give employees the chance to actively apply what they’ve learned in their own job and life.

Real Rewards

Even small rewards show learners that we respect their time and are invested in their growth.

Stage 4: ResultsTalented gives employees what they want and organizations what they need.

Business Outcome Based

Learning outcomes are only valuable if they also support business outcomes. Talented Micro-courses prioritize learning that impacts the business in a meaningful, ROI-driven way.

Backwards by Design

We begin our game design around business outcomes, build optimal real-world challenges, and then write interactive fiction to facilitate those challenges.

Measured thus Managed

You get individual and group performance analytics to better understand the how’s and why’s of performance.

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