Custom Micro-course DevelopmentLet's build a custom micro-course together

Are you looking to turn an everyday learning and development experience into an invigorating workplace adventure? From course conversion, to product training, to new employee onboarding, together we can wow your team and show them how much you care.

Eliminate Training Travel & Work Stoppage

Are restrictive budgets making it hard to provide your learners with the opportunities they deserve? Stretch your dollars further with Talented.

Prove Return on Investment

Have you ever struggled to justify a training that you know is making a huge impact? Now you can have proof!

Grow Training and Consulting Engagements

Ever wished your clients had an affordable way to grow and learn even after you’ve left? Your wish is granted!

Bring Books and Courses to Life

Are you ready to guide your learners through practical, hands-on exercises to master your most important material? It’s time!

Want to learn more?

We are excited to speak with you about a custom Gamified Micro-Courses. We will be in touch before close of business the next business day to discuss your needs.

You may also reach us at 919-813-0422.