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Talented is the world’s first learning experience platform that combines experiential learning, communities of practice, gamification, and micro learning to make you and your people feel the joy of accomplishment.

Our platform transforms your training, course content, or book into effective, engaging, and memorable learning by giving your learners everything they need to succeed.

Any Device

Access platform via smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac via any modern web browser.


Content hosted in the cloud, accessible by your learners anytime, anywhere there is internet access.


Learner activity tracked to give you a rich assessment profile of your learners individually and as a group.

LMS & Talent Management Platform Integration

API integration for data sharing with your LMS or Talent Management System is available as an additional for-fee service.

Effective By Design

Talented facilitates your development of learners by supporting a carefully sequenced and scaffolded skill transfer process.

Make it Fun

of learners say Talented is engaging

The Talented platform ignites engagement by providing people what they crave in learning: fun, convenience, and connectedness.

Micro-course available on any device, any time, anywhere

Learners working together in communities of practice

Scoring, rewards, and other addictive gamification elements

Make it Stick

of learners improved their knowledge and skills

Talented micro-courses are designed using the most proven recipe for effective learning: effortful recall over time.

Spaced learning delivery, which is 4x more effective than cram learning

Interleaved and challenging design, which creates deeper learning

Active recall, not regurgitation, which build more durable memories

Make it Happen

of learners implement what they've learned

The Talented platform creates opportunities and accountability measures for people to live what they’ve learned.

Individual and cohort-level performance transparency

Rewards for successful application of learning

Real World Challenges that get learners practicing

Impact Reporting

At the completion of every micro-course, you receive individual and cohort-level impact reports that tell the story of your learners.
Reports are customizable based on the information that matters most to you.


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