Built Together

Creating your first 1-hour gamified micro-course on Talented is a collaborative process that usually takes four to eight weeks, depending on your availability.

1. Pick Your Training

Choose a training that . . .

  • Is so important that you just have to make sure it sticks, or
  • Everyone gripes about being too boring or not applicable, or
  • Is difficult to deliver due to travel logistics or scheduling.
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2. Get Interviewed

You’ll serve as the subject matter expert as Talented instructional designers and content developers transform your training into world-class experiential learning.


3. Choose Gamification Structure

From team or individual play, to scope of rewards, to other configurable mechanics, Talented will provide you with a list of gamification options and help you select the best ones for your needs.


4. Launch

Talented helps you make your micro-course launch a success by providing you with promotional materials, messaging, and micro-course invites that are distributed to your learners.

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