Your Mentorship Digitized.

Their Aspirations Realized.

Your micro-courses become the online foundation for the real-world actions & growth of your learners.

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Professional Development Revitalized

Micro-courses delivered on Talented are used to replace or sustain traditional learning experiences like lectures, trainings, videos, books, coaching, and courses.

They feature your most useful content. A virtual version of you guides the experience, providing feedback and reflection.

Life-Sized Learning

Your micro-course combines active learning (Lessons) with simulated practice (Scenarios), and workplace application (Missions), all on the digital device of your choice.

Micro-courses take only 60-90 minutes broken into 10-20 practice sessions spread across 3-4 weeks. Experiences can be launched individually or in groups, competitively, or collaboratively.


Outsized Results

Over 80% of micro-course participants go on to apply a new skill at work. Check out some of our pilot stories to learn more.

This success is born from modern neuroscientific research, applied behavioral economics and a walloping dose of common sense.

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We Build It With Your Guidance

Our team of producers, instructional designers, and screenwriters reviews your content and interviews you.

We build out your micro-course, checking in with you along the way. In 4-8 weeks the final product gets published on the Talented Learning Platform.

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